Clear Multiple Emotional Aspects with N-hanced EFT

I enjoy using NET / Neuro Emotional Technique with my clients because the body tells me what it needs and how to clear the energetic and emotional blockages. In order to clear multiple aspects around one issue, there is a protocol called “Surrounding the Dragon”. Dr. Scott Walker, originator of NET came up with a long list of questions that a practitioner can ask the body. I have utilized the following “short list” in the N-hanced EFT phone work that I do with clients, and they seem to enjoy it as well as find multiple aspects that can easily be cleared in their process.

Here is the list of questions that you can ask as you perform an EFT protocol. If you feel charge around any of the statements, then do a clearing for that until it is gone.

  • I am OK with _________
  • I am ready, willing, & able to __________ (if positive)
  • It is safe to ________
  • I choose to ________
  • I believe I can ________
  • I can honor _______ (if I do ________)
  • I am worthy of ___________
  • It is good for me to _________
  • It is good for others for me to __________
  • I can be supported by others for me to __________
  • And, you can make up more of your own…

In any meridian tapping technique it is important to remember that you will definitely clear the emotional aspect that you focus on, but each emotional issue or memory has multiple aspects. My favorite analogy is that of a precious cut gemstone. Imagine a diamond representing the issue you wish to clear. Each facet or reflective surface represents just one aspect of the over-all issue. In order to completely clear the issue, all of the facets or different angles of the issue need to be cleared, and you are the only one who knows the details and related aspects and your level of charge around each.

So, the next time you are tapping on meridian points to clear some level of pain, remember to “surround the dragon” and search out all of the related aspects to tap away. When you do this you WILL gain emotional freedom!

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