Your Soul is Calling – Will You Answer?

darknightOnce there was a woman who found herself in the Dark Night of the Soul. She had felt for years that she needed to make some conscious changes in her life, but had put that off out of loyalty to her marriage and lack of courage. When change finally crept up on her, everything in her life changed dramatically and the losses that she encountered created a major traumatic stress. She and her best friend husband divorced, she moved from her dream home, left a lucrative business as well as her extended personal network to move to a city where she knew nobody, took a less exciting job that was soon-after dissolved by budget cuts, and found herself living without income, totally alone, and dependent on her parents for the first time in her adult life because the two-year sale of her big home had eaten up her savings. She was totally alone and feeling desolate. She faced the question to end it all or to re-create her life. She became familiar with the deep pit of despair and struggled to climb out of it.

She reached out by telephone to internet groups for support. She hired a coach who was willing to be paid when she finally got out of debt with the sale of her house. She incorporated the daily practices of kundalini yoga, pilates, meditation, and EFT into her life as she slowly started letting go of the intense inner emotional pain and trauma. It took awhile to clear out some layers before she could start to see light again. Hope returned slowly. Layer after layer of her own inner emotional baggage was dissolved with energy tools. She was diligent and knew that her goal was to become as clear a channel as possible so that when she was “well” again she could help others so that they would not need to suffer as she had done.

Today this person is me. In a nutshell, that was my journey. I survived. I suffered dramatically, in ways that I would never wish on anybody. And now I personally believe that nobody has to suffer. There are energy tools available to help you painlessly make shifts in your life rather than find yourself beaten down completely and in pain. And, if you are already in that terrible pit of despair, there are easy-to-use tools to help you quickly climb out. And, there are those of us who have walked a similar path who can give you a hand when you need support so that you do not need to lose years of your life with your struggle.

Give yourself the gift of life today. You deserve it! If you feel that inner nudging to make changes, do it now before it does it to you! Change can be easy using the right tools. Denial will cost you in the end! I know this from experience!

Pick yourself a practitioner to help you. If you resonate with me, then I would love to talk with you about how you can make your deepest dreams come true, and how you can create the changes that your soul yearns to make. You may check out my website at or contact me at and ask about my coaching programs.

Your life and your soul deserve your attention – now!

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