Dr. Anne Merkel welcomes you to The Ariela Group,…    where    Energy Therapy meets Natural Health and Success Coaching

Are you searching for natural ways to address Autoimmune or other Chronic Health Conditions?

Has trauma or other unplanned change jolted your life so that you seek support to rebuild and heal?

Are you ready to consciously progress to the next level in your life, business, creative project?

Do you feel passion for supporting others to clear their emotional energy blocks?

Are you looking for like-minded people with whom to share ideas, techniques, intentions, and healing?

 The Ariela Group has been servicing clients world-wide since 1985, sharing cutting edge ideas, techniques, approaches to personal transformation, success, and wellness. First located in California, then in North Carolina, South Carolina, and now Georgia, Dr. Anne Merkel (Monnin) and her associates have offered in-person as well as by-phone consultations, keynote speeches, workshops, video presentations, plus articles, books, e-books, audio and video packages, and now health products.      Learn what The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services can offer you by checking out the links above:

Please help yourself to the free items listed below. They are created to support your understanding and application of some of the tools that I use. 


10 keys to pure potentiality15

Are you sitting on the fence wondering what your next evolutionary step may be?

Do you feel blocked in any area of your life and desire to clear those inner challenges in order to flow forward freely?

Your Essence is instilled with a sense of Pure Potentiality, and this freedom to connect with the Abundant Universe has been more and more blocked since your conception. This free e-book shares how you can make your way back to living life to the fullest!  Learn more…


Learn how the body, mind, spirit connection helps to point out the most appropriate treatment protocol for natural balanced healing to take place.

This easy-to-complete Online Wellness Check questionnaire uses physical symptoms to reflect what is happening in the energy system of the body, and with this information the first steps to feeling better can be directed. This tool used by NET / Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioners demonstrates how the mind speaks through the body. Try it now with a complimentary consult on your health and well-being.  Learn more…


Cuztic wds2

Have you ever had difficulty making a decision because you were emotionally involved with the process and the choices – either negatively or positively?

Based on Educational Kinesiology which utilizes and balances both hemispheres of the brain, the Cuztic Resistance Clearing Process  is  just one of many energy therapy modalities utilized and applied in the energy therapy coaching sessions offered to clients world-wide. Here the Cuztic Process Guidebook is available as my gift to you so you may begin using it immediately.   Learn more…