Functional Energy Medicine for Optimal Health

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The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services has been serving clients world-wide with Energy Medicine since 1985, sharing cutting edge ideas, techniques, approaches to personal transformation, success, and wellness. Dr. Anne Merkel (Monnin) and her associates have offered in-person as well as by-phone consultations and coaching, keynote speeches and workshops, video presentations, plus articles, books, e-books, audio and video packages, and health products.      

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The research is proving… that when emotional stress energy has been cleared the immune system is strengthened, a body can re-balance more easily and quickly, medications and supplements are better assimilated and produce the desired results without as many side-effects, therapeutic modalities “hold” better, and people get or stay well!

Functional Medicine Health Practitioners are integrating Energy Medicine modalities into their practices and benefit from earning a Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner credential. Learn more…

If you are looking for Natural Medicine support for yourself or a loved one, you are in the right place! Dr. Anne Merkel offers full service support for you and other clients and practitioners via her other Natural  Medicine website. First established in the 1990’s, her natural health practice utilizes both functional medicine and traditional medicine approaches to help you heal naturally as she still incorporates Energy Medicine into her whole person practice. Learn more here…