The Invisible Voice of Reason!

Well, it is Miracle Monday and I want to get out and take a walk in the rain, so this will be short… and still rather profound, as the experience itself was amazing!

While living in the San Francisco Bay area years ago I was having a stressful day. I had taken a business extention for finishing my yearly federal tax filing and intended to wrap up the process on the day before the extention was due. At the last minute I realized that I needed something that would take more time. Aaarggghhh! I hated doing taxes, especially for my business and for my husband’s too! And, the minutia was driving me crazy!

I was totally stressed and as the anxiety point reached a climax I heard a voice literally YELL at me… “Look at the due date!”

“Well,” I thought, “why would I need to look at the date when I know perfectly well it is tomorrow… and, who in the heck just yelled at me??!”

I was home alone, so this was pretty weird. Anyway I did look up the extention due date and, much to my surprise, I realized that it was not the 15th of the month, but was actually the end of the month, so I had an extra two weeks to finish the paperwork! I was so thankful! And, still amazed and awed, that “somebody” on the “other side” would have the kindness and interest to save me from an emotional meltdown.

I still look back on that occurrence as an amazing gift – and miracle!

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