Taking Conscious Responsibility for Our Feelings

“If you feel it, then it is in you.”

I first heard this phrase in the late 1980’s during a short intro seminar presented by Dr. Michael Ryce in Charlotte, North Carolina. When I heard this comment and the conversation around it I was forever healed of all sense of victimhood that I might have carried with me from my previous life. His easy forgiveness process helped me to start peeling off the onion of old hurts as I realized that everyone involved had merely done the best they could do, and if I was still feeling hurt, then it was up to me to clear that emotion and then move on with my life.

Dr. Ryce’s processes are potent, easy, teachable, and can be found in his 1997 book Why is This Happening To Me… Again?! I’ve run into Michael several times over the years. He is quite a scholar and earth steward. He commits his work to “The restoration of Total Love to every mind and relationship on the planet,” or more simply put, all of his tools and his book “support the healing of ourselves, each other, and the planet”.

To learn more about Dr. Michael Ryce, his retreat center Heartland, and to receive your own free electronic download of Dr. Ryce’s text you may go to: http://www.whyagain.com (available in six languages).

I know that in the late 1980’s early 1990’s Michael’s work helped my marriage dramatically and also helped me to heal some issues with my parents. I was using the forgiveness process – now dubbed the “No Fault Empowerment Tools” (found on pages 182-3) before I learned of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). So, while I was able to realize and clear some of the issues that I discovered through Michael’s work – just through the understanding of the underlying cause for my feelings, I later utilized NET and EFT to make sure that all emotional residue was gone – forever!

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  • admin
    April 10, 2010

    Col – thank you for the comment. Debbie does make a nice analogy with her “sockets concept”. I’ll never forget Michael’s phrase: “If you feel it, then it is in you.” Over the years I have often reminded myself “If I feel it, then it is in me!”

    Alchemist Anne

  • Col
    April 10, 2010

    This reminds me a bit of Debbie Ford’s metaphor of the “sockets” that are on us … how most of them aren’t hot topics for us so people can’t, no matter that they say, plug in. For example, you could sit there all day and tell me I’m purple and it won’t affect me because I don’t believe it to be true. If something does negatively affect us, it’s not so much what they did or said as the fact that our socket was left uncovered.

    Thanks so much for the great reminder, Anne!

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