Protecting Your Subconscious Mind

Whenever you think a thought, encounter an idea, react to outside stimulation, your subconscious mind says “Yes!”, and jots that down to your experience. If you watch a scary movie, read a tear-jerker book, empathize with a loved one, your inner mind claims that as your own experience and places your reaction into your inner emotional archives. If you have ever experienced trauma, then your subconscious attempts to hide that away so that it ceases to hurt, and at the same time it creates a protection mechanism within your inner beliefs that will keep you from ever coming close to re-experiencing that pain again.

Let me explain this in another way. When you were born you created a body based on the DNA of your parents. Included in and around that body is an electro-magnetic field that resonates with the coding of the DNA you have inherited. You constantly add your own experiences to this electro-magnetic field, and as you do, your vibrational frequency shifts. Based on physics and the laws of resonance, when one thing vibrates at a certain frequency it automatically attracts other things vibrating at the same frequency.

We pick up frequencies from others. (Have you ever entered a room where someone is in a horrible mood? How did that affect your mood?)

And, we attract others who show up with the same frequencies as our own. (Do you ever feel that those closest to you are “mirrors” of you?)

We also attract cycles of events. (I have cleared clients who have had multiple car accidents, who keep attracting the same kind of abusive relationships, who have lost multiple jobs, etc.)

So, here are some basic tips to remember…

  • Every time you say something your subconscious mind says, “Yes!”
  • Every time you react to something that you see, hear, touch, feel, your subconscious registers it, stores it, and believes it to be a true experience for you – even if you were merely an observer.
  • Every time you experience an emotional reaction you store it in your body, in your electro-magnetic field, and ultimately in your DNA. If all of your experiences can be passed to your offspring in the genetics that they inherit from you, imagine what you have inherited from your own ancestors.
  • Although you have inherited, experienced, reacted to many stimuli, you DO have a choice now to feed your subconscious only the information and experiences that vibrate at the frequency that you choose.
  • Treat your subconscious as your most precious belonging, and you will be rewarded in every aspect of your life!

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  • Anne Merkel PhD
    November 1, 2014

    Subconscious programming methods & techniques often utilize the left hemisphere/ analytic brain and this logical approach cuts off access tot he subconscious. The only ways to access and clear or input into the subconscious is through accessing the limbic brain via physical, energetic, emotional approaches.

  • SubconsciousGuru
    August 22, 2014

    Great post, but the question of subconscious newbies is why don’t subconscious programming methods and techniques don’t work as they should !!

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