Miracle Watching – Disappearing Pain

Last week I mentioned that I’ve always been a “Miracle Watcher”.  This has always been easier for me when my life is going well, but the most profound miracles have happened in times of distress.

One of the reasons that I have initiated this Monday specialty blog is that there are so many people having problems and experiencing challenges in their lives right now. The economic climate is taking its toll on many people and the stress of watching the gloom & doom on television news is enough to cause pain for many people.

Watching for Miracles, on the other hand, is easy and uplifting. And, when we each focus on the good that is happening around us rather than the bad, then our own vibration and mood is lifted with the related improvement in health and well-being that comes with a positive outlook. So, let us get started!

I was laid off from high-profile jobs twice. This was very difficult for me, even though the first time I anticipated that it might happen. It was difficult even though the same big multi-national conglomerate that I worked for as its first woman Director promised to hire me back as an outside consultant and trainer – and they did.

I’ll never forget the morning that my boss called me at home while I was dressing for work. I had just flown back into town at midnight the night before from my monthly training trip to one of their other manufacturing plants. Training all of the employees, at all levels, during their regular first, second, and third shifts, was a tiring three-day trip that I made monthly to that plant.

I had worked at the job of world-wide Director of Training & Development for three years and had instituted some interesting programs, helped the company become ISO-9002 certified, and had helped to solve some re-engineering problems. I had also developed a regular pain in my hip that at times was so acute that I could barely walk. Good chiropractic and regular massages didn’t seem to be able to cure this nagging pain that was uncomfortable whether I was sitting or standing.

In the throws of the mid-1990’s lay-offs and down-sizing re-organizations, my boss announced to me that I had three weeks – until Halloween – before my job would end. I could leave then or I could stay for the last three weeks. He would give me full support in any way he could, and I could move my stuff out of my cushy top manager’s office at night so that I would not have to answer so many questions from the first shift employees.

I opted to finish all of my programs, and, in fact, I had my last team-training as Director on Halloween itself. Then I waited several months until they called me back as a consultant for another project.

There were several miracles in this life-changing event, but one even shocked me, and I should have seen it coming.

As my boss was relaying the bad news to me on the phone that morning in early October, the pain in my hip disappeared. And, it did not reappear at all during the three weeks that I continued doing the work that I had set up to accomplish before my last day.

At that time I had already been a master trainer for over ten years. I had presented many stress-management workshops and hands-on stress management sessions with employees. I had studied wholistic wellness and understood holistic healing modalities involved with stress management.

In the months before I received notice of my lay-off it had not occurred to me that my hip pain was stress-related. As soon as I learned that my “sentence” as an inside employee was coming to an end, and that I would soon return to being an outside trainer/consultant, working for myself again, the pain – and the high stress level – disappeared.

As I tell the story now it seems so obvious. But, at the time the lay-off was definitely a blessing in so many ways, and the disappearance of the acute pain that I had experienced will continue to be dubbed a “miracle” by me!

If you would like to share a miracle from your own life, please send it to me via the comment option in this blog, or go to: https://arielagroup.com/contact and provide the details to me.

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