Maintaining Health in a PanicDemic

My dear friend Sukoshi Rice has written the following article this week, and I would like to share it with you here.

“We are in the midst of a panic-demic of unusual proportions.  As my brother in NYC wrote, in a city of 8 million, 46 people have gotten this flu, but the whole city is in a state of panic.  We are in a perfect state to be manipulated by the media, a state of fear and uncertainty.  We are also in a perfect state to get a grip, to take a sensible look at what causes flu, why we get sick, and what we can do about it. 

As to what causes flu, it is a scientist’s nightmare of viruses that shouldn’t even live in the same neighborhood getting together and having babies of viruses that shouldn’t even exist.  How did this happen?  Considering that literally hundreds of thousands of people cross borders, cross oceans and criss-cross the world on a daily basis, there is no challenge to imagine the possibilities this presents to human borne diseases.  On the up-side, this also presents us with a global economy, a fresh on-going exchange of ideas, cultural beliefs, goods and services.  The risk is there, but the benefits are huge.

Why do we humans get sick?  Mainly it is because our immune systems are weakened and allow infections, virus and bacteria to invade, to penetrate our natural barriers.  Our immune systems are our natural defense, like castle walls of old.  They were thick and strong, well built to stand up through an attack.  When we are exposed to viruses, if our immune systems are in good shape, they will be able to repel the attack and keep us safe.

 We are strengthened by good food and water, exercise, calmness, sleep, good thoughts, love, even patting our pets.  Meditation and yoga, Reiki and massage, Tai Chi and many other Eastern modalities are beneficial.   We are weakened by processed, unnatural food, too much food, not enough water, sedentary habits, stressed out agitated thoughts, hatefulness, prejudice, and being stingy mean individuals.  We are weakened by FEAR and WORRY, which put us in a state of anxiety and invite disease.

Now is the time to get real about our health.  If the predictions are correct this flu will die out and may come back as Godzilla.  We have all summer and fall to eat well and naturally, get out in the fresh air and get ourselves in shape.”

Sukoshi Rice is a traditionally trained Usui Reiki Master and GA Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in Blairsville, GA since 1985.  She welcomes your questions and comments at 706-745-2648 or at

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