Letting Go of Old Energy with EFT – Things!

Yesterday in our weekly EFT TAPshop session we discussed using Emotional Freedom Technique to let go of the energy around old stories that no longer serve us. A related issue is that of letting go of things that are no longer relevant to your life.

It is spring in our half of the planet, and spring cleaning often includes cleaning and clearing out. Here are some ways that you can re-direct the flow of energy around things that no longer serve you.

1. Donate – Clothing, books, magazines, cookbooks, decorations, even house plants are candidates for this category. One person’s cast-outs can easily become another’s treasures. Just identify a friend, family member, thrift shop, charity, or other organization that will help you to let go so that an item can be enjoyed by others. You can even google for an organization near you who will appreciate whatever you donate.

2. Recycle – There are many items that you can recycle by using them again, using them for another creative application, or taking to a recycle center for them to re-use. When I remodeled my home last year I surprised my carpenters by my wish to recycle old doors and windows, etc. One flat door now serves as my office desk. A couple of outer doors plus my original stove and refrigerator were recyled into an investment house that I bought and flipped last year. I love using everything!!

3.  Trade Treasures – Regularly my girlfriends and I gather for occasions and we usually include a fun give-away opportunity where we bring clothes, jewelry, household items, etc., to trade with one another.  Just yesterday I ran into a friend who showed me that she was carrying a purse that she had gotten from me during a give-away. I had received it as a give-away from my Mother-out-of-law. 

4.  Release Old Energy – Check files in your office, contact lists, computer e-mails, notes on your bulletin boards, etc., and clear out old resources, emails, information, ideas that no longer serve the person you are today.  This relates to yesterday’s TAPshop session where we focused on removing the old energy tied to plans that fell through, goals that lost steam, or dreams that fizzled out. Make space now for new business, great opportunities, and more creative ideas that make sense for who you are now.

If you put just a little effort into any of the above the result will be a lighter feeling about yourself and your life.

And, if you have any problems with letting go, let me recommend that you join us for weekly miracles through using Emotional Freedom Technique in our TAPshops. When you sign up for three months you will receive the audio recordings for all past sessions. You can join us by signing up at: https://arielagroup.com/pages/tapshopreg0309.html or by going to http://planetteleclass.com to register.



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