Freeing Yourself From Negative Energy Loops with EFT

Today in our weekly EFT TAPshop session we will discuss and workshop around using Emotional Freedom Technique to let go of the energy around old stories that no longer serve us.

Have you ever been in a situation where it seemed that you could not free yourself from a re-occurring loop or cycle of undesired situations or relationships? I have worked with clients who were caught in negative energy loops around:

  • selling real estate – that just wouldn’t sell,
  • attracting the same kinds of people and relationships into their lives – even though they wanted to break the pattern,
  • coming down with every illness or “bug” that was circulating – even though they weren’t in physical contact with other people,
  • being laid off from their job – over and over again,
  • being involved in numerous automobile or other accidents with others – where they were the victims being run into by others,
  • being stuck in a negative financial loop – and even when a growth spurt and positive money inflow occurred, it quickly flowed back out so that the person was again out of money, ETC.
  • Think of re-occurring negative loops that you have experienced in your own life. Would you like to break out and be FREE of the loop? – Forever?

The problem often exists in your “story”. As long as you keep talking about your situation of non-success, being a victim, situations that hurt you, then you are perpetuating the energy around the situation. You can easily release much of the energy stored around a cycle or loop by disciplining yourself to change or stop telling your “story” about it.

Sometimes, however, there is emotional charge around the issue. You have been hurt. You are still suffering and cannot deny that. So, in this situation you need a tool that will neutralize or take away the pain so that you can remove yourself from the attachment to the story. Your memory will not change. The hurt associated with it and the positive opportunities around it WILL change. I use several tools to clear emotional charge, and two of my favorites are Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  You can easily learn EFT for yourself and be free of emotional loops for the rest of your life!

If you are interested in letting go of negative loops in your life, let me recommend that you join us for weekly miracles through using Emotional Freedom Technique in our TAPshops. When you sign up for three months you will receive the audio recordings for all past sessions. You can join us by signing up at: or by going to to register.

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