The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services Expands Its Offerings

logoAs my own professional life continues to expand I am excited to see my energy psychology practice also growing in how it better serves not only my clients, but also other Alternative Medicine and Health & Wellness Practitioners.

Years ago when I was married to a very good chiropractor, I recognized that when he added AK / Applied Kinesiology and NET / Neuro Emotional Technique to his practice he could treat a much wider scope of patients. With AK he was able to ask the body for its treatment priorities so he could carefully take off layer after layer of the onion in his treatment protocol, thus allowing the body to easily adapt. Utilizing NET he could ascertain whether the problem presented by the patient was emotional, chemical/nutritional/ toxin-based, or structural, and then he had specific protocols to address each case. As his star patient, I was sold on the use of tools that could get me the fastest results and that worked energetically with my whole system of mind – body – spirit.

I was lucky to be able to study NET at the same time as my husband, and this led me on a wonderful path to discover EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques and many other Energy Therapy modalities that I have used with my own clients for the last 20 years. The more I learn the more I am convinced that everyone should know how to work with the emotional component of his or her own health and well-being. And, more importantly, I feel it is extremely beneficial to all concerned when any physician or therapist or coach or other health & wellness practitioner includes energy therapy tools in his or her toolbox. When this happens the ability to clear the emotional blocks, resistance, cycles of self-sabotage and un-beneficial experiences, and pain, is provided to the practitioner, no matter what the main modality practiced is. Some doctors have staff in their offices who can support the emotional component of health while they support other aspects. Some doctors, coaches, therapists choose to add these techniques to their own list of skills. And, others prefer to refer patients or clients to an outside practitioner so that they may still offer good patient care in all facets of the mind-body-spirit whole picture. I love working with other practitioners to help them learn the techniques as well as in the capacity of supporting their clients or patients.

And in my own practice, because I come from the mind side of the spectrum, I’m adding Classical Naturopathy training and skills to my own toolbox so that in addition to the energy psychology and various energy therapy modalities that I already use, I can also share nutrition and homeopathy, along with a deeper understanding of anatomy, physiology, and body chemistry issues to better serve my clients and family members. I plan to finish both the ND / Doctor of Classical Naturopathy as well as CNC / Certified Nutritional Counselor programs so that by the end of 2014 I’ll be able to practice under a health providers’ credential. This will round out my own skills so that after helping to clear the cause of an issue, I’ll also be able to guide my clients to support their physical bodies to heal.

In the meantime I’m enjoying the research into autoimmune that will end up in both book and dissertation forms. Feel free to refer your clients, patients, or yourself to the Autoimmune Coaching & Energy Therapy Support calls on the second Wednesday of each month.

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