Chiropractic Success is An Inside Job

Often clients request support for a certain issue and come to a session wanting to jump right into an energy therapy EFT meridian tapping sequence for that issue. A good Energy Psychology practitioner knows that the client’s conscious issue of choice may very well NOT be the emotional issue that requires attention!

Dr. X entered my practice with an issue about not being able to easily call his chiropractic patients when they had not been seen for quite awhile. He was told by many practice management groups that the personal call from the doctor would bring the patients back and help to support growth in his practice.

During the first session with Dr. X we utilized NET / Neuro Emotional Technique to find out if there were specific emotional blockages keeping him from feeling free to use the telephone or to excel in his present life. Heart meridian issues of rejection pointed back to early childhood abuse, neglect, shame based on misunderstandings of others, among other issues. We used some NET spinal tapping, EFT meridian point tapping, and laser point therapy to clear these past traumas.

During the next week mental paralysis set in and Dr. X spent a week unable to make any calls or do anything seemingly beneficial to his practice,… yet his numbers did improve. Dr. X still wanted to focus on his resistance to making phone calls, and obviously there were deeper issues ready to be cleared.

I guided him through a personal values assessment exercise which brought up a high level of emotional charge on fear of losing his mental capacities and being unable to practice chiropractic.

Instead of more focus on the telephone issue we focused on his fear of “losing it all” which had quite a lot of emotion and pain associated with the experience of his mentor, another chiropractor, who had developed dementia and had literally lost it all while Dr. X could only watch his friend’s suffering. This was cleared to allow Dr. X to move forward in building his practice without fear that he’d lose whatever he built.

Although Dr. X was starting to make phone calls and had actually placed several calls during his first energy therapy session with positive results, he still felt inner resistance. We focused on clearing out all of the “shoulds” and resistant feelings related to making calls and we focused on tapping in the concept of creating a normal routine of calling each patient on his/her birthday. This routine would become part of the patient protocol instead of a separate act that could be put off indefinitely. This cleared more resistance and Dr. X went off and made twenty calls without resistance.

When Dr. X called in for his next session I asked the question: “How impactful do you feel making patient phone calls really is on your practice?”  His reply was that he didn’t really feel that they would make that much of a difference. So, here was evidence that he had been led to believe that some outside action would provide results, when his own belief was that inner changes in attitude would be most advantageous to building his practice. In this session we focused on creating the vibration to attract the best patients into the practice and clearing any resistance in Dr. X to feeling worthy of having this high caliber of person stepping forward and entering the office door… in multiple numbers! We ended the session with Dr. X feeling light, exhilarated, excited, optimistic, and energized. He had more fun during this session because we had cleared so much of the heavy energy in previous sessions so now he could easily hold the higher vibrational attracting energy.

So, the moral to this story is… there is always room for improvement, and sometimes the more obvious route is not the true one when it comes to energy therapy and the psychological aspects of working with a client. There are always a variety of issues that can be dealt with in order to reap the desired rewards.


I love working with chiropractors and other alternative medicine practitioners to help them build their practices by clearing the inner blocks and resistance. And, I equally enjoy teaching Energy Psychology techniques to these practitioners to use in their practices to support their patients. For more information you may go to: .

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