Emotional Freedom Technique for Performance Anxiety Follow-up

In my last blog on Thursday I mentioned that I was using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) on myself for old deep-seated performance anxiety based on being a very good musician in a very competitive environment thirty-five years ago. Because I am playing flute in a local musical performance which very much highlights my solo playing abilities without anybody to “hide” behind, 🙂 I decided that it was time to rid myself of the extra stress caused by this old anxiety.

On Thursday I did a few rounds of the typical EFT tapping protocol using various affirmations. Last week was a very busy week with nightly rehearsals, daily business deadlines, and multiple meetings during the week, so there were definite signs of stress cracks for many reasons. Thursday’s dress rehearsal went well. I was relaxed and enjoyed the performance. On Friday I had a very busy day in the office with multiple deadlines. I felt so stressed that I thought I might burst. Just too much… and, the tapping from the day before just didn’t seem to be working very well. As the opening night performance got closer I got more nervous. Hmm. What was going on here?

Friday night all three musicians and both of the actors were on edge. (The play I Do! I Do! is a fun musical about the changing stages of a marriage, and it calls for just the husband and wife as actors. The musical score calls for two pianos and orchestra, so I played multiple orchestra parts on flute with the two pianists.)  Was it the long nightly rehearsals that just caused us all to be exhausted and at the same time wanting to do our best? Or, was it the fact that the entire performance depended on so few of us to perform non-stop for over two and a half hours?  Opening night came and went. We all could have done a better job, and still the audience loved us! I fell asleep as soon as I got home and had a good night’s sleep.

On Saturday I refused to go near my office. I took a long walk in the woods and just “chilled out”. I ate good food and thought about how easily I could play the music if the nervous emotional “static” were removed. My intention was to really ENJOY the process without stress or worry. I did run through a few parts of the music for a few minutes before I left for the theater. On the hour-long drive I listened to a radio talk show instead of the musical CD.

The Saturday and Sunday performances were totally different from Friday night. The clearing had kicked in. I was relaxed. The music and camaradarie with the actors and other musicians was fun. The audience loved us, and we all loved the process. The music seemed much easier for me, and I truly believe it was because I had finally cleared the old emotional baggage I had been carrying about being judged when I played solos. I really didn’t feel criticized or judged, and didn’t feel the audience out there – I just played to hear how beautifully I could play as I followed the actors’ voices. This is how it is supposed to feel!!  🙂


As a practitioner, teacher, and facilitator of Emotional Freedom Technique I know the merits of modeling its use in my own life. As I clear myself of all old baggage and issues I will be able to help others clear theirs more effectively!

If you have interest in learning about Emotional Freedom Technique I am offering a Free Introductory Call next Wednesday, March 3, at 4:00 p.m. EST. To register for the free call and receive the call-in information you can go to this link:  https://arielagroup.com/TAPshopintroreg/html . And for additional information about EFT you may go to: http://www.emofree.com or http://www.eftpronetwork.com/content/anne-i-merkel-phd .

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