EFT TAPshop Session focuses on Clarity!

Many people have seen the video or read “The Secret” in the past few years. The information about how to manifest using the Law of Attraction is definitely a key to creating the life we each wish to have. Now there are many teachings about the Law of Attraction (LOA) and books on how to manifest are very popular. Still, there are many of us who feel frustrated at times because our main desires do not show up immediately in our lives.

In our first weekly TAPshop session my friend and colleague, Sue Bridgeford, and I focused on the issue of CLARITY as we explained its importance in the manifestation process. Without clear focus or clarity about exactly what we desire, the fogginess confuses our own subconscious and all outside powers that are attempting to aid us in our manifesting process.  And, in looking at the concept of clarity, many other issues are also involved.

We created a set-up phrase of “Even though I am unsure of how to be clear, and I’d really like to be clear all of the time, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” It evolved, as all set-up phrases do, and we noticed that the following issues came up from participants that were related:

  • fear of commitment
  • unworthiness
  • fear of getting what we want
  • fear for our safety if we get what we want
  • fear of success – in various areas of our life
  • fear of failure
  • fear of others’ reactions to us being clear about what we want – and getting it!
  • fear of the change in our life or lifestyle that might occur if we get what we want
  • fear that if we get what we want we might lose it
  • fear of the hassle involved with getting what we want (lots of money = taxes to pay, etc.)

So, if you would like to know more about how we utilized Emotional Freedom Technique in the workshop, there is a very good audio recording made of our TAPshop session and all who register for the on-going weekly EFT workshops will have access to this and all of the other recordings. It was a very good session!  And, if you wish to use EFT on your own clarity, I would suggest that you gauge and work on any personal charge you might have on the bulleted items above as part of the process.

For more information, or to register you may go to: https://arielagroup.com/pages/tapshopreg0309.html, or to read more about the EFT programs that I offer you may go to: http://www.planetteleclass.com or http://www.eftpronetwork.com/content/anne-i-merkel-phd .

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