The Dangers of Drinking Fluoride in Your Water

If you live in a city or grew up in or near one using municipal water, then there is a good chance that you have drunk fluoride in your water at some time. If you don’t already know, there are some dangers in using fluoride, that used to be believed to support dental health. Now, more and more studies show that  the fluoride used in water systems is a toxin and actually does not help with your teeth or gums, and in fact, may harm you in many other ways.

I’m blessed to have good well water at my home and in my community. And, when I visit any large metropolis and find myself drinking regular tap water at a restaurant or the home of a friend or relative, I notice some major changes in my body. My body starts to smell different. I often suffer from severe joint pain as well as gastro-intestinal issues. My teeth and gums sometime ache. And, I often succumb to a cold, where I am usually very healthy and not prone to do this when in my own community. I also notice that I’m always thirsty and I hate the taste of the tap water. I usually land somewhere and immediately buy several gallons of good spring/ reverse osmosis water to drink during my visit. This seems to take care of the issue

I’d like to guide you to several informative articles that will share more information on this topic.

Learn about specific cases of cancer associated with fluoride by going here.

Learn a simple and natural  fluoride de-tox process by going here.

Conscious living includes knowing what is health-supporting and what has the ability to harm you, and then making your own choices.

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