Clearing Inner Resistance Enhances Sales Productivity

Last weekend I attended a retreat of sales associates and directors for a large corporation. One of the associates was on a tight deadline to meet a quota in order to qualify for a directorship. She had three days to recruit six new sales associates into the business and had just about given up hope.

When she presented to me I felt the dark blanket of fear around her. She had been sending out a sense of neediness to everyone that she approached with an offer, and obviously that was a turn-off. She already was starting to feel shame about missing the deadline and was declaring that she might just quit trying if she didn’t make her goal this time. She was feeling emotions of anger, frustration, disappointment, grief, shame, embarrassment, and asked for help.

I had worked with this person once before and we had cleared some deeper issues. Now some related issues about not wanting to impose on others, guilt about not better providing for others, and feeling responsible for carrying others came up. She realized that many of those who she had approached would have pulled her down by their dependence on her – an old pattern. She started to understand that she could change her energetics and her attitude about recruiting, hiring, and building her team, and she would then be more able to attract the “right” people to her.

In this session we utilized EFT, kinesiology, laser clearing, and Ask & Receive to clear the heaviness and fear, and then input the ease in which this person could have fun attracting the “right” new associates who would be self-starters and excited about the prospect. We also cleared her fear, guilt, shame, and embarrassment about possibly not meeting her goal. And, in the process we in-put the attitude that if she did fail she could model an empowered “failure” to her team as she picked up the pieces to quickly meet her quota in less time the next round. In either a win or lose scenario she felt that she could support her team to learn and still feel good herself.

So, the retreat ended, she spent a day driving back to her town, and late last week I received the news that she DID make her quota! WOW! Six new associates signed up in three days. I DO believe in miracles… and this wonderful energy therapy work can help to bring these about… from the inside – out!

Go girl! Yeeehaaa!! 🙂

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