Conscious Balance in Business with Spirit!

generationsWhen I focus on transformation and conscious living I can look back at my own career and focus on the balance in business that served me and others well. When I was in my 20’s with a fresh new MS degree, working toward my Ph.D., I was hired by a consortium of twenty-four corporations and colleges/universities to create an international training institute where I reported to the CEO’s and college presidents and stayed within a set budget. That was a major undertaking for a young person like me.

Under pressure to create everything from scratch, I wore many different hats, and I didn’t wear them all very well or with conscious balance. At that time I built my “empire” where I hired and managed seventeen employees, most older than I, and I created all of the systems for the institute: marketing & PR, curriculum, faculty & staff, student affairs, etc. Recruiting was also my job, and the institute depended on my abilities to communicate to international embassies and agencies and create trust so that they would send their vulnerable students to me to train, nurture, and protect.

Some of the tasks set before me created great stress in my life, and others were more fun. I worked hard and managed with a strong hand. I yearned for more inner peace and balance, and I earned lots of money. I enjoyed my personal relations with some of the students and staff, however there was often a separation in me between my head and heart. I have learned through the years to re-connect these parts of myself so that I can live and work more consciously and take more Spirit into business.

Today I enjoy my peaceful life and I have great passion for supporting my coaching and energy therapy clients with open heart energy and a myriad of tools that I share. At the same time I am happy to hire the younger people who have more fire and passion for marketing to help me in this area. My intention is to create an even balance that will support a conscious business with Spirit, and show the greatest results. And, I believe that through communication, shared intentions, and open-mindedness people of different ages can together create a stronger organization that will prove to be sustainable. It is imperative that there is balance in business on all levels.

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