Are You Utilizing Your Own Wealth?

What would happen if you had a billion dollars and yet you  forgot that you had it in your account and never used it? You constantly felt poor, in survival mode, a victim of circumstances, and projected neediness and lack all around you.

This is a good analogy for a person who knows how to use energy therapy/psychology tapping tools and yet never uses them.

When an ache or pain comes up, do you tap?  Even if it doesn’t work, do you at least try?

When you feel any uncomfortable emotion, do you tap? In this case tapping might be the most powerful thing that you can do!

And, do you let your newness at tapping or insecurities about what to say hold you back from even trying? If so, then tap on that insecurity in yourself. It doesn’t really matter what you say… just talk to your subconscious mind and tell it what you choose to let go of and what you would like to feel in its place. While you are tapping allow yourself to be in the FEELing of the emotion. The rest just happens as you tap.

So, if you are not utilizing your tapping every time you feel uncomfortable in any area of your life, then you are sitting on a billion dollars in your bank account… and you are still feeling poor.

If this is you and you need help, then seek it! I am available and so are so many other expert tappers, facilitators, and teachers of tapping.

From now on in my blog and soon to appear on my website you will hear about my own personalized technique which I call NEFT: Neuro Emotional Freedom Technique – taken from my two primary modalities: NET/Neuro Emotional Technique and EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique. My approach incorporates classic EFT and adds more specificity per tapping point via NET. In one round I usually can clear what it usually takes several rounds of traditional EFT or NET to clear. That is why I have a high success rate with my clients and they shift so quickly. Stay tuned to learn more…

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