Another Rainy Day in Georgia…

This has been a wonderful summer and fall here in the beautiful mountains of north Georgia. We had suffered several years of drought and this year of abundant rain has benefited the crops, forests, springs, and our well-being in general.

Have you ever noticed how stressful it feels in nature during a drought? And, when it finally rains the deep sense of relief that permeates everything?

Rain is a wonderful cleansing agent, attitude adjuster, and nurturing blessing even though it does interfere with plans for boating, picnicing, camping, and other outdoor events. I’ve enjoyed my walks in the rain this summer… and we went camping several times with others and enjoyed the sound of rain on our vans and tents during the night. Yes, there was more to the preparation and clean-up, but generally it was still fun.dscn0277

I am grateful for the beautiful rain that we have received so far this year!

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