Winter Solstice Thoughts…

Today is the Winter Solstice – the shortest daylight of the year here in the northern hemisphere, and tonight will be the longest night of the year on our half of the planet. This is a wonderful time of year to go within – into the darkness – and determine what the next year will bring with its light.

Quiet time to go within...

Quiet time to go within...

Years ago I contacted a friend on Winter Solstice just to say Hi.  He and I ended up starting a romantic relationship that was a wonderful learning opportunity for me during that next year. I often host or attend parties on Winter Solstice where we write down the things we would like to clear from the old year, and the desires and intentions we are setting for the new year. A burning ceremony sometimes sends these written thoughts into the ethers as ash and fire.

This year, after much concentration, I have just completed a new website, the creation of several new training programs for 2010, as well as a new affiliate program. These took much introspection, time, teamwork, and patience. I think that today is the perfect day to send out this new energy into the cycles and networks where the right people will receive the information. I didn’t really plan it to be this way, but it really seems perfect now that the busy-work is finally finished!  (If you are interested in information about this, you can look for it in tomorrow’s blog… today is about the wonderful opportunity of the Solstice!)

Tonight I think I will share a quiet dinner with Martin and talk about this last year, what we have accomplished, what we have learned, what we have had to postpone, what we want to clear to make room for new intentions. We will also talk about our dreams for the next year and will set some desires into the energy of life. The details will come later, but this will be a good time to share our individual and combined dreams as the light begins to come back to our half of the planet starting tomorrow.

DSCN0095[1]Have a Happy and Conscious Solstice – wherever you are!

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