Why Are You Reluctant to Use Energy Therapy?

Why are some people reluctant to utilize energy therapy and its wonderful transformational tools? Do you fall into this category?

There is often internal subconscious resistance in a person which places self growth, healing, happiness, abundance as a last priority because the subconscious mind may have been trained, conditioned, or abused into feeling that it is:

  • Unworthy of improving in health, well-being, finances, etc.,
  • Bad or nasty, and so is undeserving of positive life options,
  • Deeply afraid of change – even for the better,
  • Fearful of the unknown of what it will be like if and when a situation shifts,
  • Reluctant to be the person that has different dynamics in his or her life.

This is so subtle, and is usually hidden below many layers of more surface issues and symptoms that must be cleared first. The beauty of energy therapy is that it is relatively painless and very quick in how it clears energy. It is unlike some traditional therapy processes that require a person to revisit the trauma of a past memory.

Often clients just don’t understand this. When the subconscious is ready to let go of a particular issue it can be cleared in a matter of minutes. And, if there are deeper issues to clear, then the facilitator can go deeper in order to support a clearing of resistance to occur and the subsequent reaching of the goal to happen.

So, if you haven’t yet tried any of the wonderful energy therapy tools, including some of my favorites: NET, AK, EFT, TAT, and other meridian tapping techniques, then find a practitioner at http://www.MTTProNetwork.com and get started toward feeling better in all aspects of your life!

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