Where did I get the name Alchemist Anne??

The traditional definition of Alchemist is somebody who can change lead into gold. For many years I took wholistic techniques into Corporate America where I was dubbed the “Corporate Alchemist”. I helped leaders change the cultures of their organizations. I supported teams to be formed, re-formed, enhanced for efficiency and enjoyment of their members. I enjoyed bringing large groups together and facilitating them to create roadmaps for the future together in painless and fun settings. I took tarnished leaden ideas and helped guide their owners to make gold out of them. I ghost-wrote and edited rough manuscripts so that their golden messages would be better received. I’ve had fun seeing all of the results of the fun processes that I have shared with my thousands of clients all over the world.

So, when it came time to choose a blog name I thought it was also time for me to claim what I do and who I am. I am a change catalyst, and have been since I was a little girl. It used to be frustrating for me to see myself put effort into something and then see it bloom when I had left to go on to the next project. My youth symphony was invited to travel internationally just after I graduated. The economic development commission that I chaired decided to change county directors when I was involved. The chamber of commerce that I trained in total quality management and helped to form teams made so many positive changes that they moved to another bigger and better site. I’ve seen most of my coaching clients shift dramatically in their lives after and while we’ve worked together. And, I’ve seen my own life shift to become the life of my dreams as I turned my techniques inward.

I no longer feel afraid to admit that I use my intuition in my work, and that I can “read bodies” energetically to help in their healing process. I’ve learned so many 3D techniques over the years, and now I integrate these with special energetic tools such as Neuro Emotional Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique. I’m happy to allow others to do the old “nuts & bolts” training because I have more passion for utilizing my new tools. These holistic tools, techniques, modalities take me to a deep level with my coaching clients where I can help them to access their inner blockages or fears and quickly release these so that they no longer attract dysfunctional patterns and can meet their potential. I have passion for my new work and we all see results.

I guess the use of energetic tools, the old moniker, and the fact that I once saw some ancient alchemical drawings and they actually made sense to me all are reasons for the name I have chosen here:  Alchemist Anne.  I hope you enjoy my musings!!  ;-))

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