Using EFT & Energy Therapy Tools to De-brief My Mate After Accident Trauma

All of you who know me well realize my passion for the Energy Psychology work that I am doing with clients now. I utilized it last night with my sweetie, Martin.

 He regularly attends a local car auction – it’s his hobby. Last night a tragedy happened where a car went out of control and mowed down 20-30 people as it crashed through a building where they were standing. Luckily Martin was out of harm’s way – just 15-20 feet away, watching the whole thing happen.

As a retired EMT he realized that the extent of injuries & numbers of injured were way beyond his ability to support these people, and he had no emergency kit with him, so he used his skills to direct traffic and to show emergency vehicles where to park. The first responders needed to keep their vehicles out of the way of the many ambulances who followed, so he managed to direct the flow of everyone coming and going for almost two hours, including helping the ambulances come and go between the helicopter runs taking wounded to the hospital. He was still high on adrenaline when he returned home late last night.

 As I helped him to de-brief I simply let him tell me about it. He doesn’t usually get too involved in the energy therapy work that I do – he’s a strong he-man. We sat at the dining room table and as he talked I touched his foot or leg with my foot or leg under the table. He couldn’t see that I was tapping my karate chop point (side of my hand) as he spoke. I was acting as a surrogate to support his energy clearing as well as keeping my own sensitivities from picking up the trauma in my own electro-magnetic field.

He shared with me that after seventeen years working fire and mountain rescue as an EMT, this was the worst trauma he had personally experienced. He had a number of different emotions ignited when he got home, and needed to talk it out before eating dinner or relaxing in any way. He had felt helpless, guilty for not doing more, agitated at a few self-important emergency responders who wanted to park right in the middle of the entrance way where ambulances needed to pass, traumatized by seeing so many people mowed down by the run-away car, among other feelings. By talking them out he felt better. My tapping helped the process, and his dream state also supported his subconscious to let go of some of the inner emotional stress, as during the night Martin woke up several times with his heart racing as his subconscious was working out the trauma that he had witnessed.

This morning I reminded him of the 3rd eye point that he can tap if the pictures of the trauma become too bothersome, and also told him to use the karate chop point if he found his heart racing and felt stressed. (The 3rd eye point is not included in EFT, and the karate chop is an important point used to set-up most EFT protocol sequences.)  

Now Martin has the tools to help his system to let go of what he witnessed, and since it is not beneficial for him to carry any of that emotion around with him, I expect that he will use them!

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