The Blog Squad

How clever to find a fun working colleague/partner and position the partnership to work passionately within a specific cutting-edge niche market!!  An entrepreneur’s dream… or the dream of ANY business for that matter!!

Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman call themselves The Blog Squad, and as their name implies, they specialize in blogs -like this one. I am fortunate to have connected with them via a group coaching program with which I am involved, and am doubly fortunate that they are willing to offer personalized support for individuals who sign up for their newsletters and need a bit of extra help.

As this blog becomes better you can bet that this coach is being coached by some of the best!!  For more information you can go to: and that will give you addresses to many blogs and other social networking sites, e-courses, e-zines, and services. Blogging is just one more way to support YOU, my audience!!

Have a wonderful second day of the Mayan New Year!!… the year of the Goddess!!

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