Tapping Away Fear with Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique

Long ago, mapmakers sketched dragons on maps as a sign to sailors that they would be entering unknown territory at their own risk. Some sailors took this sign literally and were afraid to venture on. Others saw the dragons as a sign of opportunity, a door to virgin territory.

Similarly, each of us has a mental map of our complete perception of our universe – complete with dragons. Where does fear hold you back? What dragons can you slay?

Identify one fear in each area below:

  • Relationships:
  • Health:
  • Wealth:
  • Other:

Choose one of the above fears you have identified. Hold that fear in your mind.

Start to tap the side of your hand – opposite your thumb, starting at your wrist and going to the base of your little finger. (We call this the “karate chop” point in tapping or Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique/ N- EFT.) Continue to focus on the feeling of fear in this one area of your life.

State aloud the following statement three times: “Even though I feel this fear about ___________________, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

As you continue to tap on the karate chop point, feel the fear and follow it into memories about the situation of your life around that fear… continue tapping.

Next, go to your upper chest/ rib cage at the base of your neck. Form a loose fist and touch lightly at a point approximately one inch below the base of the throat. From the center, move your fist to one side or the other about two inches. Gently “knock” on this area of your upper ribcage just below your collarbone. (You may knock on both sides or choose one or the other. We call this the “collarbone” point.)

Tap on this collarbone point with your fingertips or this loose fist and focus on the fear and its “story”. You may state one of the following statements aloud, moving from one to another as they feel appropriate:

  1. “I am feeling this fear about ________________.”
  2. “I am still feeling some fear about _______________.”
  3. “I am feeling this other feeling related to fear about_____________.”
  4. “I choose to clear away this fear about_______________ now!”
  5. “I choose to let go of all of the old fear around _____________ that has held me back.”

Tap until you feel less fearful about the issue in your mind. You might feel a bit light-headed. This is not a problem. Breathe in deeply. Take a drink of water.

This is a tiny introduction to a very potent meridian tapping modality that I use with personal success coaching clients as well as business executive clients to help them to clear blockages so that they can reach their full potential in life. You will feel the ease of the process and hopefully a shift in your level of fear about the issue you have chosen.

You may learn more about my services here, and I’d love for you to join our blogging community to read more!

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  • Anne Merkel PhD
    October 29, 2010

    Jonathan – thank you for your note. I would be happy to discuss a JV and to learn more about your site and endeavors. Please provide some links to your site. You may contact me directly in various ways. Check out: https://arielagroup.com/contact . Thanks! Alchemist Anne

  • Jonathan
    October 29, 2010


    I ran into your site and really enjoyed it.

    I have a business in the Law of Attraction niche. It would be a great fit for your people.

    If you’re interested in some sort of JV, like a cross promotion or something of the sort…let me know.

    Jonathan, assistant to Rishan

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