Sweet Poison

Years ago I stopped using artificial sweeteners when I read several reports on the dangers of their contents, specifically aspartame. Much research and many symptoms later, if you are still using any “low calorie” sweeteners, then you need to check out the following video and make your own decisions.

Sweet Poisonhttp://youtu.be/v8A8649JLl4

Unfortunately the FDA allows too many substances like aspartame into our foods, and our only defense to protect our health and well-being is to be informed. Ours is the only country in the world that allows thousands of food preservatives and additives, chemicals to enhance color, and chemicals to provide artificial tastes such as sweetness into our foods. These are not normal digestible natural foods. In fact, each time I leave the country I immediately lose weight, feel more energized, can eat any food without having indigestion or arthritic pain afterwards, and generally feel healthier than I do eating here in the USA.

This video interviews educated, up-to-date researchers, MD’s, specialists in their fields, who report on the myriad of symptoms that can be caused by these FDA-approved non-natural food-stuffs.

People who still use artificial sweeteners and choose ignorance over change may discover first-hand the over-all cumulative effects that can lead to MS, fibromyalgia symptoms, all types of arthritis, memory loss, brain tumors, among other symptoms and conditions.

If you are a health practitioner, then this information will be of interest to you and your patients. And, this is just one source of many containing information on the dangers of aspartame and other substances found in the American diet.

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