Supporting Health & Well-being

I traveled through India with four other Americans for over a month in 1998. I was the only person who didn’t get sick. They thought I was lucky. I feel that there were several reasons that I didn’t succumb to major intestinal distresses. These include:

  1. I daily massaged certain neuro-lymphatic points to help my body’s lymph system drain any and all toxins that I ingested.
  2. I had built up a natural resistance to various intestinal bacteria after drinking from a natural well at my home that probably had more bacteria than the average city drinking water that the others used.
  3. I was ingesting a natural mineral complex that supported my immune system so that I did not suffer respiratory issues from the air pollution, and it probably supported my intestinal fortitude also.
  4. I performed daily energy processes on myself to clear issues, emotions, old baggage inside of me. My reward in this area was some very illuminating experiences while I traveled throughout north central India, and the creation of a new life when I returned home.

Do I believe in supporting my own health and well-being? You bet! Whether I am using conventional and practical prevention methods or alternative holistic techniques to keep myself well, I feel that it is well worth the time and energy that I have put into learning how to do it.  And, I highly endorse this to others. The healthy pay-back is definitely worthwhile!

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