Starting an Energetic Week of Serving!!

YH sunsetMonday in Paradise getting the week started serving my many clients!!  ;-))

This cold sunny Monday in the north Georgia mountains provided lots of opportunities to share the good energy from the weekend. I started out offering coaching sessions for two clients.

The first person focused on career challenges following a job lay-off. She is depressed and is running out of money. Although she has a good potential job lined up, she is frustrated because 1-she has not yet received a job offer, and 2-she needs to pay bills and this job doesn’t start until April. I started our session by reassuring her that this time of frustration will pass. I reminded her that the negative emotions she is feeling right now are apt to attract more of the same unless she makes some changes. I shared that she can shift her energy to a higher frequency by daily focusing on all of the things in her life about which she is grateful. Just by focusing on abundance one’s mood can shift. I also invited her to think back to when she was enjoying employment, banking lots of $$$, helping people, loving her life, enjoying her personal relationships, having FUN!! I urged her to daily focus on FEELING what each of those memories or times of her life felt like – the GOOD aspects. As she learns to do this daily she will be able to then look ahead to the intended results of her job campaign and project the positive emotions she will feel when all of her desires are met. When she can start to FEEL what having that new job, with job security, lots of income, all bills paid in full on time, fun new projects, an over-all life of her making, then she will attract that to herself. At the end of the call her energy was at a much higher vibration and she was ready to start her week on a more positive note.

The second person is facing issues within a personal relationship with someone who has major tendencies to become co-dependent in relationships. She had just come back from a workshop focusing on better understanding the male gender and was frustrated because her partner did not fit into the typical characteristics presented. Since I know her partner very well I was able to direct her to look at the learning opportunities she has within this relationship and how she can make the most of this dance of partnership for as long as it lasts without getting sucked into co-dependence. She had much more to think about after our conversation and felt stronger in her own resolve to love herself first as she continues to love her dear partner.

I totally enjoy the passion that I feel for supporting conscious change and helping people to have more FUN. I learned to do this myself – the hard way. Now I can help others to much more easily find the safer and less painful path to follow… serving as their personal Energy Psychologist!

I’m excited, and having FUN!!  It is already a GREAT week!!  ;-))

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