Speeding Forward, Aligned with My Values!

I love to use the phrase “flowing forward”, and even entitled an e-book using these terms, however, I feel that the time since the Holidays have ended and the New Year has taken off has definitely been “speeding” as well as “flowing” for me!

Wow! I’ve done so much already, and there is so much more awaiting my attention in January, 2010!

  • I had plans to blog regularly during the Holiday, and instead I allowed myself to have time off from work. 
  • I wanted to start off the New Year with regular blogs & bi-weekly e-zine broadcasts, and I’ve been designing my new 2010 programs and creating systems with my new VA team instead, in order to provide more time for me to do what I want in the future.
  • Where I used to work every night in 2009, now I’m spending time with my sweetie, with my self, with my writing in the evenings now. (And that may start including my blog soon, too – if I want!)

I have realized that 2009 was a “busy” year of getting things ready to flow – and soar! And, 2010 is going to be a wonderful “harvest” year for me – and for many others too, it seems!

I realize that this is life – not school with homework every night. It is a time to stand by my values of doing what makes me smile – not just keep myself busy doing what needs to get done. I know I can better control these “needs” and “shoulds” so that I will allow myself  regular daily play-time, and enjoy it!

If you are wondering what you really feel is important in your life now – on a very deep level – so that you  can start to live a life more aligned with your values, then you may want to listen to the EFT TAPshops recording related to aligning values. You may find that at: http://is.gd/6pBBn  .

In the meantime, I DO want to wish all readers the best for 2010! I personally expect it will be a very good year for me in so many ways, and I am creating the inner and outer processes now to make it so!

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