Skills for Conscious Success in the 21st Century

“Among those skills considered by many to be most essential for success in the twenty-first century are greater cognitive flexibility, comfort with unfamiliarity, appreciation for diverse perspectives, agility in the face of rapidly changing circumstances, an ability to hold multiple points of view simultaneously, and a capacity for discernment that relies equally on intellect and intuition.”

Wow – that sentence says so much! I tend to agree with each aspect that Liz Miller points out. It seems that the most flexible, changeable, open-minded, conscious, and discerning people are those who are riding the wave of new development, prosperity, new thought. And, it also seems that these are the individuals who are feeling most comfortable and at peace in today’s hectic world.

The above quoted statement was taken from an article by Liz Miller (program coordinator for the Worldview Literacy Project) featured in The Noetic Post – A Bulletin from the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Fall/Winter 2009-10, Vol.1:#1, pg.4.

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