Shifting My Perspective from Victimhood to Real Estate Sales

Years ago I found myself in a situation like so many are in today. I was at a major turning point in my life where I needed to sell a very big house. It was on the market for two full years and, as I had needed to move on with my life, it was empty, even though I still paid for mortgage, utilities, yard care. Thousands of dollars were flowing out of my pocketbook each month, and then 9-11 occurred.


During much of the time when I was waiting for the house to sell people would ask me how I was doing and I’d retell the sad and frustrating story of how I was a victim of an unethical buyer and greedy realtor, etc. etc. I was stuck in the story and rather than ridding myself of the bad energy involved, I was drowning in my own victimhood. People stopped asking because they were tired of hearing my story.


Finally I woke up and realized that I could create something different and that I did not need to be a victim. I ended a contract with my realtor and asked for advice from a real estate coach. Within one week I personally auctioned my 7200 square foot home and easily sold it for more than a realtor had told me I would get two years before… and this was the weekend before Thanksgiving – right after 9-11 when the market was so terrible.


The steps that I took included the following:

  1. I decided I was no longer going to be a victim of circumstances.
  2. Since my story was negative, full of victimhood, and perpetuated the negative cycle in my life, I let it go and stopped telling it.
  3. Even though the outward shift of circumstances had not yet happened, I talked as though my house were sold already, and I imagined the feelings of being free of the huge debt load and all the responsibility of managing an empty house out-of-state.
  4. I sought support of somebody with a different perspective: a real estate coach friend.
  5. I took immediate action and flipped my house in one week.


So, I know the power of shifting how we think so that we hold positive thoughts and feelings. This is just one example of so many that have occurred in my own life as well as in the lives of people I have coached. [And, as an extra benefit, the energy therapy and self-coaching tools that I learned then I used again in 2008 when I bought and easily sold an investment house – even in the “terrible” 2008 real estate slump.]


Sometimes we need a little nudge to wake up to our ability to shift our attitude. It can take the form of traumatic change, hardship, or conscious decision. If you would like to shift your spirits right now, take a few minutes to focus on what is going right in your life. Focus your attention on being grateful rather than dwelling on what is going wrong. You will feel the difference in your own energy, and if you do this daily you will soon start to see shifts in your life!


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