Secrets to Eternal Wellness & Aging Beautifully

Some frequently asked questions in our society today include:

  • “Why do some people fight their weight while others easily stay slim?”
  • “Why do some military members sent into war zones return with PTSD/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, while others don’t?”
  • “Why do some people age gently while others seem ravaged by time and gravity?”
  • “Why do certain seemingly healthy people end up dying of cancer, heart attack, or some other disease or condition?”

I’d like to address here the common denominators that tie all of these critical questions into one body of information – 1- good nutrition and 2- emotional energy management!

You have probably heard the phrase: “You are what you eat”, so it seems logical that as more GMO/genetically modified (and often side-effect un-tested) foodstuffs are introduced, longer shelf-life additives are placed into processed foods, and non-digestible oils are utilized in cooking, that our bodies would suffer in one way or another. I recommend using organic, natural foods that can be found on the outside perimeters of the supermarket, and staying away from processed and refined foods.

Even though science has found ways to replicate the chemical structure of certain nutritional elements, the body may not actually recognize them because this form is not found naturally, nor are the chemicals introduced in balance with other nutrients that the body requires for proper digestion and absorption. The diet we eat and the nutritional supplements that we choose must be based on natural foods, and the purer the better.

Our physical in-take is vitally important to all of the issues listed above. With good nutrition and diet we are a step ahead of any stressor, including age, gravity, stress, and war. And, if we utilize good diet and nutrition then our bodies will:

  • respond better to maintain the “right” weight,
  • age more gracefully,
  • provide clear thinking in stressful situations, and
  • stay healthy without succumbing to the killer degenerative diseases of our day: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, auto-immune disorders, among others.

The physical body is the part of our WHOLE self that is mostly considered when we focus on health, well-being, and aging. As an energy therapist coach, I focus first on the energetic or emotional elements that shape the physical. When these are addressed and managed, then the physical body can heal. Let us look at some examples.

Studies now point to why some war veterans suffer from PTSD while others don’t. Approximately one third suffer because early in life these individuals suffered or took on some emotional trauma and held that in their subconscious biofield. The war experience is hypothesized to have amped up the original and added more trauma to an already sensitized person. PTSD takes on many forms and has been proven to be cleared using energy psychology approaches.

In cases of weight struggles, beyond food allergies or sensitivities that might cause high or low weigh problems, emotions and subconscious blocks are often the culprits causing the suffering of so many over- or under-weight people. If you have ever felt like a “victim” to your body, then there may be an emotional issue keeping you blocked from weighing your ideal weight. This, too, is an area where you can learn to utilize simple-to-use energy therapy tools to clear subconscious resistance so that you can attain the body of your desires.

And, what about the people who truly believe that by age 40, 50, 60, or beyond, they have reached “old age” and need to start acting and looking like that. How many people do you know who are traumatized by these “landmark” birthdays, and then face a “mid-life” or “later-life” crisis with dramatic lifestyle changes? If the inner beliefs about becoming old could be erased, then one would live on with the excitement, enthusiasm, and health of a person much younger than their age. The GOOD news is that inner beliefs CAN be changed or modified so that you re-create your reality to that of your highest desires… you just need to WANT to do that.

In this short article I cannot provide individual solutions and techniques, so I invite you to a free tele-workshop entitled Eternal Wellness and Aging Beautifully. Learn more and register at: to learn ways to support your own health and beauty.

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