Schedule Inspiration Time

Adagio1In our busy lives we often lose sight of what is “real” because we fail to consciously schedule Inspiration Time.

Media hype, technology static, schedule requirements, status titles, … even the air we breathe and the food we eat is often now “not real”. We have lost a sense of human-ness, inspiration, groundedness, and passion along the way. Our lives are suffering from this because we need to live a “real” and conscious life. So, if in order to do so we must schedule time for inspiration, then why not start now?

It is time to make time.

“For what?” you ask.

…For scheduling the “real” time in your life; for scheduling a time for your daily inspiration from your “real” SELF that we so often forget or neglect or take for granted…

Maybe you can simply go out in nature and walk on a daily basis. Maybe you use earthing devises, meditate, chant, create, and more as a regular routine. As long as you schedule your own time for inspiration – in your own way – you are doing well.

We are connected to planet Earth, and when we focus there and get quiet, we receive.

Here is a wonderful first step in helping you to schedule your inspiration.

Get centered. Relax. Tune in. Get inspired: .

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