Return to Your Authentic Self!

DSCN0889Each evening I am blessed with a gorgeous sunset from my cabin on a mountain ridge in north Georgia. I look toward the west and can see the sun set behind the Cohutta Wilderness every night. My blog banner is a photo of such a sunset… with a few color shifts to keep my green branding.

Here is a real photo with true colors. It is authentic and I love the natural beauty. As humans we are born with an authentic beauty that is often stressed out of us by life.  After events start happening and patterns start to develop, then our authenticity begins to disappear behind a mask of protection. The subconscious, limbic mind goes into protection mode to shield us from hurt, and our colors begin to fade or change. Soon the weaknesses and old hurts that we have inherited in our DNA start to appear and attract cycles of negative occurrences into our lives. Before long we are hunting for someone to help clear the pain.

That is where energy psychology tools come in. You can only do so much with your conscious mind and will. If your life isn’t as you would like it to be, then there is something inside providing self-sabotage. The good news is that there are meridian based energy therapy tools now available that you can learn to use to clear out the underlying causes of all negative cycles, self-sabotage, and debilitating beliefs. Yes, there IS hope!

So, if you desire to return to your authentic, clear, wonderful self, aligned with all of the opportunities of the Universe, then you may be a candidate for using energy psychology tools like Neuro Emotional Technique or Emotional Freedoom Technique or many others. My own version of NET + EFT is called N- EFT/ Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique, and it is very potent. I love the authentic selves who reappear after just a few clearing sessions!

So, I urge you to search for that wonderful, authentic self who is hiding somewhere inside of you. And, if you need assistance in helping it to reappear, then feel free to contact me!

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