Reiki for Emotional Healing During the Holidays

You usually see me talking about using EFT or other Meridian Tapping Techniques for emotional healing. Since I am a Reiki Master in addition to the other things that I do, I want to include a few excerpts here from a good article by Laurelle Shanti Gaia (see her Reiki newsletter and the entire article at:

“It doesn’t matter which holidays you observe, or even if you don’t observe the holidays at all. This season can stir your deepest emotions. Thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you have long since buried often rise to the surface of your consciousness during holiday times. The good news is opportunities for profound and meaningful healing arise as well.

Do you find this time to be jolly, OR is it a time that you feel fear, loneliness, sadness, anger, abandonment, or whatever emotion is most important for you to become aware of at this time of year? Be true to your feelings, as this is a time that brings forth great potential for transformation and rebirth.

There is an ancient Shinto saying about the winter time ‘Both Heaven and Earth come from one’s own heart’. It is a time for darkness to open to the light, a time to really FEEL that which you have held in the shadows, tried to avoid, or been afraid to confront. It is a time to bring these feelings forth, acknowledge them, accept them, honor them, learn from them and move forward into the light of your true self. It is only possible to BE one’s true self by BEing true to yourself. Once you have done this, you can fully experience the joy, peace, love, compassion, good will and comfort that the holiday season is meant to bring you.

If your holidays include gathering with friends and family you may find yourself more sensitive than normal as cellular emotional memories begin to stir. I believe that the holiday time arouses whatever you most need to heal within the deepest level of your being. This is a perfect time to work with Reiki to awaken repressed emotions, honor them and transform them into positive energy.

Many of us were trained to hold our feelings in. ‘Nice girls don’t get angry,’… ‘big boys don’t cry,’… there were so many ways we learned to block our emotions. If you weren’t taught by your parents to do this, perhaps a teacher, or a friend influenced your tendency to repress your feelings.

Over the years of being disloyal to emotions, we each develop congestion in our emotional body that limits the flow of life force into our physical body. Consequently we can develop physical, mental or emotional illness.”

So, if you use Reiki on yourself, or if you regularly visit a practitioner, use the thoughts here as a good focus point as you approach a Reiki energy session, and set the intention to neutralize the negative charge around old holiday emotions and memories, and to allow peace to enter and fill up your energy field.

If you have specific questions about how to best do this, please feel free to ask me or leave a comment here. Also, of course, the thoughts expressed here so well by Laurelle can bring up specifics that you may clear using other energy tools such as EFT and NET, among other MTT tools.

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Mine was so fantastic that we had three different Thanksgiving dinners during the long weekend… with different family members each time as we traveled! And, our visits were fun and travel was safe! Wow – I am grateful that my energy work has sure paid off well!!

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