Recognizing Paradise versus Dark Night

Good morning!!  It’s another wonderful day in Paradise!!  ;-))

Wow! – I remember the first times I said that. It was mid-80’s and I lived in Silicon Valley, Northern California. I had moved there with trepidation. San Francisco and the entire area immediately stole my heart. Even though times were tough and our best grad student Holiday included gifts from a local dumpster, the natural beauty, stimulation from the many business opportunities, and the open-mindedness of the people made it a wonderful place for me to live. I was sad to leave after only three years.

I can remember other times in my life when waking up in the morning meant an endurance contest until I could go back to bed in the evening. And, in my darkest years, when I encountered my journey into the Dark Night of the Soul, I hated waking up at all. Being awake was a scary place to be. I was haunted by memories, longings, pain, sadness, fear of the deep depression in which I found myself. At least when I was asleep I could dream that my life was moving forward and I was happy. I was always grateful then that I COULD sleep. Insomnia might have killed me.

So, it took lots of introspection, inner work resulting in growth, much letting go of old stories, habits, beliefs to get me where I am today. I set the intention and then the tools and helpers came to me. My journey lasted for several years. My journey was easier than it might have been because I could take a sabbatical from my life and focus full-time on ME and on clearing out the blockages and baggage inside so that I could bring in the magnificence and joy of my present life. The journey would have taken less time and I would have suffered less if I had known then what I know now about conscious living.

I am so grateful that I can again recognize the Paradise in each day of my life!!

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