Reclaim Your Power!

Think of your life and where you truly have power over it.

So many people now are feeling powerless, so this is a good exercise to shift your energy and your vibration.

In the field of basic energy therapy, we urge clients to control their thoughts… and this is not always an easy task. Why? Here is a list of reasons it might be difficult to exert power over your conscious mind:

  1. You ate something that has caused a chemical imbalance that is pulling you into a blue funk,
  2. You listened to the global or even local news, and it is all “gloom & doom”,
  3. You watched a movie or TV show and experienced an emotional reaction as you were watching and empathizing with the characters,
  4. Your subconscious mind is pushing up resistance and holding you back from healthy, joyful thinking,
  5. You are taking on the negativity of your surroundings or others around you,
  6. You have a detrimental habit of worrying and thinking of the “worst case scenario”,
  7. You believe that you must solve all of the problems and control all outcomes in life,
  8. You have not learned to quiet your mind and surrender to a higher vibration,
  9. You have given in to fear rather than taken your power from love,
  10. You don’t believe you have the power inside of you…

My suggestions to you are the following:

  • Take time each morning to make a list of everything in your life that is going well. Make a gratitude list or keep a gratitude journal.
  • End each day with thoughts of gratitude as you go over your day and identify what worked, what was beneficial to you, and for what you are grateful.
  • Just doing the above two steps will raise your vibration – at least twice a day!… and  you can do this whenever during your day that you start feeling in a “funk”.
  • Know that there are a couple of things in your life that you CAN control. These include what you put into your mouth and the amount of exercise you provide to your body. You may make conscious living choices in these two areas of your life. You can “feng shui” your life and change some old habits, patterns, ways of doing things, so that you feed yourself health and well-being and support  your body to be healthy. These are ways you can re-claim power.
  • And, any time you feel yourself losing personal power you can tap between your breasts – on your heart chakra and thymus point (from the cleavage area down… vertically) and breathe out the restriction, frustration, fear, doubt, as you breathe in and feel LOVE for yourself, your body, your skills, your life blessings. Infuse yourself with LOVE and  you will immediately feel more empowered!

So, I highly endorse reclaiming your power… on a daily and hourly basis! It is up to you to hold your vibration high – because nobody else will do it for you!

Let’s all hold a “good vibe!”   🙂

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