Pure Potentiality in 2011 – Happy New Year!

What an exciting day!

Today our society recognizes this as the last day of a 365 day year. Whew! It has been a good year – full of personal growth and sharing. Abundance has been felt all around me, and life continues to clarify!

For 2011 I’m so excited about all of the opportunities coming to me! And, I’ll be sharing them with you!

2011 will be all about re-discovering the essence of “Pure Potentiality”… the direct connection with Universal Flow, and maintaining that direct connect via Law of Attraction.

Early in the New Year you will see major changes in my website, my coaching programs, the updated N-hanced EFT & Energy Therapy TAPshops 2011 program, and the launch of several other specialized Abundance Programs tailored for each individual and every budget! Starting this month I’ve also started holding private Energy Therapy Retreats here in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia. For specialized one-on-one inner clearing and outer healing focus, consider visiting this gorgeous natural oasis to receive personalized N-hanced EFT training with hands-on energy work and NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique.

My New Year’s gift to you is a brand new recording that will provide you with some important keys to understanding the concept of “Pure Potentiality”. You’ll hear more about this from me later in 2011! To access or download this recording that should really help you get your New Year started out with the right vibration, you may go here.

So, stay tuned in here for some exciting new articles, NET and N-hanced EFT case studies, meridian tapping sequences, and other useful self-coaching energy therapy tools in 2011!

Have a wonderful and FUN New Year’s weekend! And, if you are feeling any level of stress because of this Holiday Season, then look at the top right corner of this blog banner and download another complimentary N-hanced EFT recording to help you clear all holiday-related stress!

I believe that 2011 will be the best year YET!… if we let it!

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