You Have the Power to Heal Yourself!

I have run across so many cases where people present to their physician with the symptoms of an ailment or condition. They are diagnosed, where the physician labels the symptoms with the name of an illness. And, then the person “becomes” a person that is ill with that disease or condition.

That is the very point where the individual gives up his or her personal power and begins to do everything that another individual says to do. The person begins to live life through that other person’s filter of beliefs, training, experience. Our society tells individuals to give up personal power to believe health professionals, and not every one of these knows what is best for each individual. It is time to change this.

I believe it is imperative that we each take more responsibility for our health and wellness.

I believe that the Power that made the body can HEAL the body!

And, I have seen too many cases where people have re-claimed their personal power and their health. So, I strongly advocate that

  • you start to live more consciously,
  • ingest only what is healthy, happy, holy into your body, mind, spirit,
  • get out and move, have fun, experience life, and
  • trust that there are tools available to you now to support your body to heal itself!

I invite you to wake up and learn how you can change and re-create your life experience… for the better!

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