Peace Within

When I was a little girl, whenever I was given the opportunity to make a wish I would wish for Peace on Earth. Yes, I was a bit different back then too! It took many years for me to realize that the best way to create peace on the exterior is to first create peace within.

I have a warrior nature even though I tend toward being an introvert. My Saggitarian moon is very good at throwing thunderbolts when called for, and I used to think that the way to creating the best life for myself was through fighting for it. The warrior nature is a noble one – especially when used appropriately. It has taken many years to learn how to use this inner strong YANG (masculine) energy to create things with love, compassion, tenderness. I am finally glad to be in a female body and am getting better at balancing the YIN with YANG.

When I experienced the end of my old life and encountered the Dark Night of my Soul, I spent several years in emotional turmoil. I found it very hard to let go of my old life, my relationships, my habits, my community, my dream house, my clients, my artificial reality. When I finally woke up and realized that the old “story” and my nostalgia for it were holding me back I made a daily routine of focusing on the feelings of PEACE of mind, LOVE, JOY. It didn’t take too long until my life became a totally different and more authentic reflection of my true SELF, and it is now FULL of peace, love, joy,… and abundance!!

I enjoy helping others to take less time than I did in the process of finding inner peace through balance and conscious living. In fact, I am rolling out a program on March 18 entitled Abundant Living and Loving: Conscious Life Transformation Through Achieving Freedom from Blocked Emotions and Detrimental Self-Talk.  It will be FUN to help others to rise to a higher level in their lives and careers!!  This is where my passion is now and I KNOW that by creating the peace within we can also achieve it on the outside!!  🙂

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  • Alchemist Anne Merkel
    January 17, 2010

    Dorothy – Thank you for your warm comments. I agree with what you have said. Indeed, as the walls of our old life crack open we have the opportunity to re-build. And, with the use of certain energy therapy tools one can take years off of this process. I enjoy offering another way to walk the path, and as a guide I can share tools with which each person shapes his or her own journey.

  • Dorothy
    January 16, 2010

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and resonate with so much of what you say. I do want to say that while I applaud and understand your desire to make others struggles less painful, I’m not sure we can. We can walk beside them and point the way and perhaps make the process move along a little faster. But it is the very process of change, the pain and struggle that is the fire that forges the new self. Perhaps the best we can do is help people who are in transition keep from getting stuck and provide the hope they need to make it to the other side. Just a thought.

  • IdiodaWeemodo
    March 12, 2009

    Thank you!

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