We will miss you, Patricia

Patricia died today.
Vibrant, happy, energetic, loving, this Spirit is now free.

Last night I held her lifeline in my hands – it looked like swiss cheese from the chemo.
She didn’t die of cancer — the chemo killed her.

So sad that she died.
So sad that she succumbed to society pressure and fear.
So sad that this vibrant soul is gone from the body that we called “friend”.

I felt she might die when her lifeline became a brittle hollow crystal tube… ready to shatter.

Why couldn’t they just leave her alone?
They didn’t know how to save her.

She had the courage to try an “experimental” drug.
Her courage was driven by her fear.

Swiss cheese toxic lifeline.
Fragile crystaline glass hollow tube.
This morning — no lifeline at all.
I couldn’t find her body signs.
I talked with her, but couldn’t find her body — my imagination??

No. Patricia died this morning.

So sorry for Doug — he lost his best friend and mate of many years.
Sorry for her mom —
Patricia was such a bright light in the world – in our community.

Just last week Patricia and Doug went boating and got stuck in a storm.
Another life adventure.
They had so many together.

Patricia LIVED her life each day… this is why she hated chemo so much.
It took away her life and drained her energy – even years before it killed her.

Thank you, Patricia, for being in my life.
Thank you for the Thanksgiving feasts we shared, the birthdays we celebrated together, the motorcycle rides, the kayaking adventures.
Thanks for your warm smile and your compassionate heart
Thank you for giving so much of yourself to everyone around you.
Your presence was a gift to us all.

We will miss you!

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