My Creative Day

Today I promised myself that I would focus on my art and do only things that were creative. Well, in this mind mode I ended up creating in all different areas.

Tonight and tomorrow I’m signed up for a fiber and paper painting workshop at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. Although I visit the FS at least once per week or more, and I participate as MC for Fall Festivals, flautist in the Morris Dance band, regular contra dance gypsy, and past Garland dancer, this will be my first official class at the school.  In preparation for the class I dedicated today to getting my art materials out of storage and getting in the mood to paint and create.

I started my day out checking e-mails, then I took a walk for inspiration. On the walk I re-designed my website… something that takes lots of creative energy and that I’d been working on for awhile. With the fresh inspiration of a crisp autumn day – complete with brisk wind to keep me flowing, I created the grid that my new site designer will be able to use as she creates a new logo and new over-all look for the site. I’m excited and ready to clarify the Ariela Group of Wholistic Services so that I can attract just the people who will really benefit from my special “alchemy”. My old site is a cumbersome 150+ page maze, so this new site will be so much easier to navigate!!  ;-))

Then, with all kinds of creativity oozing out of my pores, I took photographs of my most recent mandala paintings with my new digital camera. Wow – so much fun!!  ;-))  And, finally I got to my art and textile art supplies and ended up finding all kinds of treasures that I had forgotten about. Watch out world – the creative juices are flowing – and Alchemist Annie is having FUNNNNNNNNN!!!   ;-))

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