My Alchemy Shifts My World – EFT and Reiki make a big difference!

When I worked full-time as a top level Director of Training & Development within a large manufacturing conglomerate I didn’t often talk about the energy tools that I used on myself, my friends and family, private clients, and my pets. I am a Reiki Master and facilitator of various other energy techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.), and I outwardly applied traditional problem-solving and decision-making, process analysis, total quality management tools. Of course I took some of my community-building energy tools into team building and enhancement sessions, but I usually snuck them in under the guise of more traditional approaches.

I am finally at a point and place in my life where I openly share the most potent tools that I know, and it no longer bothers me if people think I’m too “woo-woo”.  As long as what I do is beneficial, pain-free and harm-free to those I work with, then I am eager to share. And, the more I help others using these tools, the more good things come into my own life!!

Just last night I was marveling at the fact that so much clarity of focus and stream-lining of processes is happening within my professional life. I know I am gaining the many benefits of being a facilitator of energy for others. Such a wonderful payment, that as I help others in their lives and businesses, my own improves too!!  ;-))

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