My Alchemy: Energy Clearing for Emotional Freedom

Recently I was asked to share ways that I clear energy to enhance my health of mind, body, and spirit. I once started writing a book on this subject, so there is LOTS I can share on this topic, but I will keep this short and just list some of my favorites here.

In today’s crazy pollution-bombarded atmospheres (physical, emotional, mental, psychological), it is often necessary for those of us who are sensitive to “clear ourselves” multiple times during each day. Many clearing techniques are very easy, and the main ingredient necessary is the INTENTION and CONSCIOUS FOCUS on clearing away anything that belongs elsewhere.

Here are some approaches that work well for me and others:

  • While taking a shower make sure the water sprays your head and all other parts of your body and aura – and consciously imagine that the physical and not-so-physical dirt is all leaving you and going down the drain.
  • You can easily purge bad or stale energies in your home or other surroundings by carrying a lighted candle or piece of lighted incense and consciously intending that the energy is released and new clean energy is flowing into the space.
  • I use a personalized invocation when I really want to release “stuff” that belongs elsewhere. The words I use are the following, and can be easily adapted to your own personality and belief system:  “I invoke the Light of the Radiant One, and I command it to come into me and clear away all energies, entities, energetics, beliefs, patterns, habits (etc.) that are un-beneficial, un-healthy, un-Anne, un-natural, and belong elsewhere!!”… and, I usually thank my Higher Self, my Guides, and all other helpers for making this so.
  • Objects can be cleansed of energies by placing them intentionally in the sun or by placing them under running water with the intention that the water is clearing away all that belongs elsewhere.
  • In hard cases where it seems that an energetic just WON’T LEAVE, you can call in your “helpers” (guardian angel, Jesus, guides, etc.) and repeat a command to leave three times. This usually does the trick even for tenacious “cling-ons”.
  • I utilize Neuro Emotional Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique for releasing energies in myself and my clients. Studies prove that one third of all physical pain is related to emotions lodged in the body, and that most psychological and emotional pain relates to past emotional experiences. The use of N.E.T. and EFT can easily release the emotion so that it no longer has a charge, and then it no longer attracts that same kind of energy pattern.

Some of what I say here may sound a bit “woo-woo” for some readers. Over the years, even while serving as Corporate Alchemist, I have been asked to share these tips to clear space, open space, hold space, and cleanse individuals. The techniques have made a difference to many. So, enjoy!!  ;-))

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