Love Our Nation & Our Planet!

PatrioticTomorrow is Independence Day in the USA. As a little girl I remember the parades we would have every year on this day – led by my grandfather, and followed by all of us, dressed in red, white, & blue, and waving little flags. It was always a fun & very patriotic occasion, as my family truly loves our country.

Working for many years in international relations and communication, I realize that each nation has its blessings as well as its weaknesses. Each country on earth shares space on a delicate planet that we must remember to respect. So, on this weekend to celebrate in the USA, I urge us ALL to take note of all that we have to be grateful for – wherever we live, and identify how we can make this next year one of taking more conscious care of our beautiful planet.

Consciousness and sustainability must begin at home… and then it filters out through our country and then into the rest of the world. So, will you join me in thanking our planet for her great abundance and patience with us as we learn to better support her? Have a fun weekend, and enjoy mindfulness while you are at it!  😉

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