Love, Light, and Miracles

Yesterday I started the First Day of Winter by performing in a Methodist church in western North Carolina. Several times this season I have enjoyed playing flute with wonderful piano accompanyment from a friend who is music director there. After sundown I enjoyed celebrating Erev Hanukkah with family members in Atlanta, Georgia. On the shortest day of the year it was a day celebrating LOVE, LIGHT, and MIRACLES.

The young, energetic minister in the morning church service talked about the Miracle of a very special Jewish child being born on Christmas, and how the last Sunday of Advent signified the LOVE associated with the season, and the MIRACLE of the birth. The LIGHT of the Advent candle celebrated the end of darkness and the beginning of moving into the light with the birth of Jesus.

The evening family gathering brought together three generations. The children helped the elders create space for the evening meal and lighting of the first Hanukkah candle. The delicious meal was prepared as a sharing of LOVE by several family members – we all contributed so that none of us had the full burden of the meal. Words were said in Hebrew, a song was sung in English, and the candle was lit commemorating the MIRACLE of the LIGHT that kept burning in ancient days.

In Spiritual circles, LOVE and LIGHT are the basic tenets that result in MIRACLES of transformation. In the Spirituality of my own Alchemy I utilize love and light as healing tools – with individuals and organizations. Sometimes people realize the power behind the scenes of what I am doing. Sometimes they don’t. Often they believe in what I am doing, and sometimes they don’t. It doesn’t matter what a person believes. When LOVE and LIGHT are involved, MIRACLES are always the result!!

I wish all of you readers a very Blessed Holiday Season – full of Love, Light, and MIRACLES!!

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