Living with Gluten Intolerance & Food Allergies

My life would have been quite different and much less painful, if I had known of my corn and gluten sensitivities earlier in life.

Growing up I suffered all of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, plus I had very bad acne during high school that definitely damaged my self esteem. I just thought this was normal until I started getting arthritis in my thumbs when I turned twenty. As a professional flautist, this was very serious. And I had developed severe back problems by then, which I based on a horse-back riding fall when in high school.

In my thirties I was checked out for food allergies by a chiropractor/ clinical kinesiologist. He immediately identified a corn allergy. A few years later I also developed a wheat & gluten intolerance.

Whenever I eat anything with corn oil my face immediately breaks out in pimples. Corn starch causes my neck to go out and I get an immediate headache. Corn syrup gives me whole-body aches & pains so severe that sometimes I can hardly walk.

Wheat and gluten products leave me with aches & pains and often a sense of mind fuzziness like a drinking hang-over.

I choose to steer clear of all of these so that I can live a pain-free active life… which is what I experience when I stay away from all corn and wheat and other gluten products.  And, I also notice that the more meridian tapping and N- EFT that I do, the more often I can cheat on my non-corn/non-gluten diet without suffering.

So, whenever I work with somebody who has chronic joint or bone pain, fuzziness, plus other symptoms, I first ask if they have been tested for grain allergies. If you feel tired after a meal, then I invite you to investigate what you have eaten that causes your body to try to shut down. You should be energized after eating!

I hope my own experiences are helpful. I’ve always been an active and athletic person… and I plan to stay that way for the rest of my life!

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