Living Life on Your Terms

Are you living a life without passion? Are you living a life controlled by others? Would you like to be guided by the stories of others who have re-created their lives to live on their own terms? If so, then the new book Life on Your Terms is something you should definitely consider.

This book is in pre-order this month, and you can receive bonuses for buying before July 31st.

Did I mention that I am one of the featured 40 solo-preneurs interviewed in the new book? You can learn more about my story and how I re-created my life. Here is what the publicity is saying:

“From chucking it all and backpacking around the world, to not being afraid to die; from never tasting a meal in the same way, to conquering cycles of mental illness; from starting over, to base jumping off the top rung of the corporate ladder into the realm of personal freedom…These are just a few of the stories from the exceptional group of entrepreneurs and visionaries who generously share their secrets for personal liberation in this book.

Life On Your Terms means learning to be your best self, giving back to your community, allowing for divine love, and following your dreams toward your personal and entrepreneurial destiny.

This collection of more than forty personal interviews turns over the stones of accepted wisdom to reveal the tremendous power of the entrepreneurial perspective. With commentary and insights by Shann Vander Leek—an inspirational leader who, after eighteen years of serving the television broadcast model of Corporate America, reinvented herself as the founder of True Balance Life Coaching—Life On Your Terms is a valuable resource for any entrepreneur, and reminds us that the power to define success and personal freedom lies within ourselves.”

So, if you are ready for personal transformation, for inspiration, for re-kindling your passion, for re-discovering your authentic self, and for living life on your terms, then you may pre-purchase your book by going here.

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