Letting go of the Old to Make Room for the New

After thirty years I sold a bicycle that I bought as an undergraduate in college. That bike had been my freedom, my mode of transportation, my vehicle away from the pressures of my studies, and my way to fly through the air at great speeds. It had been stolen once and I had flipped over the handlebars at least twice into traffic. I loved that bike.

But, after not using it for several years it was not doing me any good, and the disuse was hard on the tires and brakes. I posted it for sale and got a prospective buyer who was coming to see it. I decided to take the bike out for a last spin around the neighborhood. Oh my. The memories, the speed, the wind in my face, the feeling of freedom. Did I really wish to give up this wonderful flying machine? Well, yes. It was dangerous. The brakes didn’t work well and I wasn’t quite as limber as when I used to ride it everywhere on that big campus. I supposed that the young man who was buying it would fix it up and enjoy it. I let it go.

That day it really impacted me what a strong hold an item like that had on me. It was full of thirty years of happy, sad, frustrated, tired, confused, inspired, feelings and memories. As I let it go I felt that I was letting go of a great load of emotions with it. I was glad that I sold it and soon found a newer bike that would serve me.

Yesterday I sold my favorite car. It was a top of the line cadillac – my old executive car. It had memories, status, great meaning to me. It was in very good condition and the only reason I let it go was that I just bought a car from my father with less mileage. My car was prettier, cleaner, easier to drive, faster, more deluxe. My new vehicle is four-wheel drive, which I need in the mountains, and will serve me well with its low mileage and good maintenance record. I’m liking it more and more each day.

That didn’t make it any easier to let go of that car of my dreams, however. It took awhile of talking to myself and to the car, and then we manifested just the right buyer. The younger woman who bought it will be very happy with it, and my car will serve her well. She will feel good driving that luxury vehicle, and it will keep her and her family safe. This time I prepared and was glad to let go of my sweet car and allow it to take care of this new family. And still, I did feel a few pangs of nostalgia in letting it go.

I know one thing. Every time I let go of something a vacuum is created and something better comes to me in its place. And, in letting go of the older vehicle – full of memories of who I used to be, Director of Training & Development, consultant, trainer, chamber of commerce president, economic development commission chair, etc., now I can be more of who I am now – without looking back or replaying the old stories. This feels good. I can be in better alignment now. I am grateful!

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