Letting Go of the OLD story!!

Years ago I felt very attached to several old stories in my life. The more I focused on these old memories of people, relationships, past events, situations that didn’t seem to want to change,  other melancholy and nostalgic kinds of thinking patterns, the more frustrated I became that I found myself living in Limbo.

Well, duh!! By focusing so much attention on the old stories I was attracting more of the same. And, even though I consciously wanted my life to change, by focusing on the old stories I was actually attracting more of the same of that, and I wondered why I was frustrated! Aaargh!!

Finally I realized the losing cycle in which I was struggling. I started focusing on the end results and practicing conscious living. I wrote about the results of where I was going; I meditated on these successes; I used EFT to clear my doubts about ever really getting to where I wanted to be. And, today I am there!! (And I continue to get better and better as I use the tools!)

I just wish I had awakened sooner so that I didn’t have to stay so long in Limbo – it is such a difficult place to be in!!  I can look back and feel remorse for wasting several years, but instead I’m just living many lives at once in this wonderful new scenario that I have created, and I know that there is no “going back” that will benefit me – or anyone else!!

If you are stuck in Limbo, attached to your old story and wanting to move forward, let’s talk! In the meantime, identify what you are focusing your attention on and discern whether it is benefitting your forward movement or if it is holding you back!

You can contact me at https://arielagroup.com/contact or look into my weekly EFT TAPshops where in just a few minutes we will focus on clearing the energy around the old stories so you can let go and feel emotional freedom! For more information you can visit https://arielagroup.com/tapshops .

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